Preparing for the SEO of the Future

Do It YourselfWith less than two months to go, my away-from-work-life has consisted of registering for baby stuff, painting a nursery, complaining about maternity clothes, trying to avoid ice cream – everything and all things baby!

Now my husband just informed me that he bought a domain for our future son as a gift. My first reaction was “We don’t even have diapers yet.”  So, I sent out a tweet about his latest purchase, and got an immediate number of responses.  It seems he isn’t the only one preparing for our child’s SEO future.

Honestly, this would be the last thing I would even think about as I get ready for parenthood, but these days, should it be one of the first?

Whether you are a brand or individual, your online presence and identity is crucial. Everyone is rushing to register website addresses, Twitter and Facebook IDS, etc. There have been a number of times I’ve been working with brands, go to register a Twitter ID, only to find it has been taken already. Imagine what it will be like 15 years from now.

I predict that more and more social media savvy parents will pick out their child’s name, then head straight online to secure the domain name, Twitter handle and Facebook page.

Even if Twitter and/or Facebook slowly start to die down in popularity, it’s almost a sure thing that other social media sites and services will rise up. Basically, it’s a safe bet that social media isn’t going anywhere.

Setting up your unborn child with excellent SEO might not be the first thing that pops into your head, but based on my recent tweet, evidently more and more people are doing it.  Do we hold the future of our children’s online identity in our hands? Will the future of baby registries include personalized domain names and Twitter handles, along with cribs and diapers?

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