Dear Fairy Blogmother

Close-up of a girl dressed in a fairy costume with hands over her eyesThere are many nights when I would love nothing more than to twitch my nose, wave my wand and witness the magical appearance of the Fairy Blogmother. You know, that whimsical creature that brings great post ideas, fluid prose and a wealth of creativity. Yet, I’ve yet to track down this mythical legend. Despite my best attempts to coax her out (i.e. cupcakes), she is a consistent no show. And so, I thought it best to have a little heart-to-heart with the Fairy Blogmother.

Dear Fairy Blogmother,

Remember me? The one that mutters your name under her breath nearly every time she sits down to write a post? The one that keeps begging you to make just one appearance and spark some creativity? Well, I’m making my plea public and asking for a little help. Here’s what you can do:

1) Stop inspiring all of the great bloggers during the same week. I love to read other people’s insights and often pull inspiration from other posts. So stop. Tasking. Me. With. Writing. So. Many. Posts. At. One. Time.

2) Kindly make an appearance when I start to reinvent a post that has already published. If you could spare just one tap of the wand to correct the error of my ways, that would be great.

3) Ghostwriting. I know it’s an ethical quandary for many, but when my clients plan all of their events during the same week or the crisis communications plan comes into play, I could really use you. I’m happy to supply the topic, but if you could throw in the labor, I would be much obliged.

4) Read minds. If you could anticipate what the 20+ bloggers I follow regularly will be writing in the upcoming week, I would be eternally grateful. I don’t enjoy being redundant or producing derivative content, so your psychic powers could be a great added-value for me.

5) Stop. The. Clock. I don’t need you to bring the whole world to a screeching halt, but if you could slow the flow of information on marketing, PR, advertising and social media to make my post ideas relevant for a longer period of time, I would owe you. Big time.

While these list of demands. . .errrr, requests. . .is by no means inclusive, I think it’s a great starting point for getting us in synch.

Looking forward to your ongoing assistance,


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