You’re Doing It Wrong

You’re on Twitter, right?

Yeah, but guess what, lots of you are still doing it wrong.  It’s not just a matter of being on Twitter but also of how you interact (assuming that is, that you interact), and what you send out to the world to make sure your digital footprint is as deep and defined as you’d like it to be.

Let’s face it, just like some other things (swimming and sparring have been used as examples recently) – you can know how to do it “by the book,” but until you feel water on your skin or a jab to the face working with the tools and on the platform isn’t the same beast at all.

So, to figure out if you’re actually doing it wrong, take this quickie quiz and see where you fall.  You might be doing it wrong if…

  1. Over 75% of your tweets are to people you work with.
  2. Someone you don’t know tweets something at you, you don’t respond, even if it’s helpful, appropriate and/or on point as a response to something you’ve tweeted.
  3. You’ve never participated in a Twitter chat (and heavens knows there are enough of those that you should be able to manage at least one in your SM life).
  4. The web interface is the primary way you use Twitter.
  5. A span of 20 tweets covers a period of over 1 week.
  6. FourSquare check-ins/badges and RTs occupy over 15% of your feed.
  7. Creating too many accounts. Where is the long term equity in building so many short-term specialty accts? (from Mike Schaffer).
  8. You’ve never met a follower you didn’t like.
  9. You’ve got more followers than following but “you don’t use Twitter all that much” (you’re delusional – they’re all “Britney” accounts or you’re high enough up in an organization that folks follow you for the purposes of trying to land a job).
  10. You RT things over an hour old.  You’re probably not following enough people or may be a stalker.
  11. Up to you – tell me your “You’re Doing It Wrong” pet peeves.
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