Building Relationships Through Marketing

How many times have you heard it: You need to grow your followers and fans on social platforms to foster trust and growth of your brand.

Maybe you are sick of hearing this, but it’s very true. Someone who I have enjoyed following on Twitter and her blog for a while now is Mari Smith. She recently published the book, “The New Relationship Marketing.” If you didn’t believe the italicized sentence above, you will by the time you finish Mari’s book.

I often look for nuggets in books like Mari’s because I know there is something I can learn. We don’t know everything (and let’s be honest, neither do you). This book can bring your knowledge to another level. While some of the information is pretty self-explanatory (i.e. communicate clearly and concisely and check spelling and grammar), most of the content is really helpful.

Case in point would be part two of Mari’s book, “Nine Steps to Significantly Growing Your Business Through Relationship Marketing.” Even though I’m not a business like Zappos (one of the examples Mari uses), these steps have helped me better take grasp of what I do. Step Five really stuck out to me, which is “Become an Authority Through Quality Content.”

We all are aware that if you are a blogger and/or frequent social media poster, you need to have content that will a) gain followers’ trust and b) get others to listen. Repurposing content can be a great way to do get greater visibility. Mari says:

“Consider the fact that you’re furthering your authority in your industry and are one step closer to being seen as a thought leader every time you create quality content. Becoming a known, reliable resource like this will help keep you top of mind when someone needs what you sell.”

One other great thing Mari does in this book is provide a summary after every chapter to reinforce what you’ve read. I thought this was excellent because it acts like your own “cheat sheet” that you can bookmark for later use.

In all, I was incredibly happy to read Mari Smith’s book and whether you are a student or seasoned pro, it is worth your time. I’m thankful for Mari sharing her knowledge and insight into relationship marketing.

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