Book Review: Like

I was recently graced with a review copy LIKE: Seven Rules and 10 Simple Steps for Social Media in Your Campaign by Kelly Groehler with Dave Ladd, Greg Swanholm, and Bass Zanjani.  The book is available as both an e-book, hardcopy and has presences on Facebook and Twitter.  The foreword is available as a free download at the bottom of this post.

This wonderful volume is different than a number of the other social media books out there, in a number of good ways.

To start with – it’s brief.  The authors assume you know the basics of social media and the popular platforms.  Further, they assume, and wisely so, that if you’re reading the book you’ve either a) already realized you need to use the platform, b) are on the fence and need to find out how to truly use it and get value from it, or c) are being pushed into it by a higher power but still need convincing to sell it to your team.  There is certainly some background but it’s mostly for setting up the next step.

So from there we get to hit the ground running with the important part (and one that’s often overlooked in campaign building) – setting appropriate goals, a way to assemble a plan to achieve those goals and how your social strategy is still interconnected with your traditional strategy.

I won’t give away too much of the secret sauce, but it’s a great starting point for actual campaign building – Social Media 201 if you will.

Take a look at the forward as a free download, available here, to get started.

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