QR Code in the Wild

We at PRBC, and many others have discussed the use of QR codes in marketing programs.  It’s likely, as a SM/PR/Marketing community we’ve not only beaten a dead horse, but a dead & buried horse and made the likes of the ASPCA scratch their heads.

So, upon sitting down at a local establishment recently I was somewhat jazzed seeing this display on their table tents.

QR Code in the wild

Good call to action, good incentive (I like saving 15% and getting “all sorts of special deals”), etc.  A quick scan, signup and I’d be done.

It was well placed – I had plenty of time throughout the meal to scan and finish the conversion (have you ever tried to scan a QR code while driving by at 35-70 miles per hour?), etc.  They even had WiFi at the venue (though no password to be found, but reception was good, so no bother).

I scanned, awaited the form and got…

What I got

“We are experiencing technical difficulties and apologize for any inconvenience.”

I tried again a few minutes later…same result.

At this point (as a consumer), I was done – the odds I’d remember to retry the URL (assuming my QR scanner kept it) was minimal (I’m sure there are stats out there, but needless to say: out of sight – out of mind).

I happened to check 2 days later (as a marketer, not consumer)…

What I got

* sigh *

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