Remember the Small Things Count

To-do list book. © by koalazymonkey

In the daily juggle it is sometimes hard to remember to do it all. If you didn’t know it, PR pros are human too. I know that I cross my fingers and hope that when I do forget to do something it is more minor than missing a TV appearance or forgetting to meet a client deadline.

“Organization is critical for success in public relations,” says Michael Hanson, Director of PR at The Modern Brand Company. “PR people are always on the go, juggling multiple pitches, refining infinite messages, brainstorming at all hours of the day, and so on. Sometimes the small things, do make a difference.”

PR pros are constantly focused on big things such as a big media interview, a big event or a big client prospect. Sometimes the smaller things are the tasks that are easier to forget.

“I forget to stop and realize that I truly enjoy my career,” says Dave Sniadak, Project Manager at Axiom Marketing Communications. “Each day I hustle in the office and tend to glance over just how great I have it. I try to force myself to take five minutes each day to look out my office window, enjoy the view, and thank my lucky stars.”

Here are a few things to remember to stay on top of. Remember to keep:

• Tabs on your competitors, Amy Bernstein, Abroad 101

• Your to do list prioritized to keep you on track, Christal Jordan, Enchanted PR

• Expense reports current, Dave Sniadak, Axiom Marketing Communications.

• On top of the headlines. Amy Prenner, The Prenner Group

• Track of billable time, Ann Willets, Utopia Communications

• Current with your voicemail, DeAnna Bookert, The Bookert Agency

• Referring to editorial calendars, Kim Puckett, Orange PR

• Focused on the strategic direction, Chris Lyman, Lyman PR

Of course there are a few tasks that will never make it to the top of the to-do list. “I often forget to take a break, eat lunch and go to the restroom throughout the workday,” says Kristen Serio, Account Coordinator at Uproar PR.

PR pros struggle with the fact that there are so many hours in a day. You need to prioritize and focus on the small things that support your daily work.

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