The Summer Week That Was: July 21-27

Summer © by Moyan_Brenn

Ah yes, the last full week of the month of July.  That means two things… Summer is almost over and NFL training camps are opening.  Of course some little “gathering” in London is going on, but no one is really paying attention, right?

In all seriousness, the 2012 London Olympic Games will be something of a social media games, too. How so? Well, you have read on, friends!

London Eye Twitter: A Social Media campaign has transformed the English landmark into an Olympic-sized mood ring.– Slate

Once a night, the London Eye will light up in a pattern that reflects the prevailing sentiment about the games among Twitter users that day. Positive tweets will turn the Eye yellow, negative ones turn it purple.

Social Media Ablaze after Penn State Got Hammered by NCAA–

By now you know the story of Penn State/Jerry Sandusky/Joe Paterno. This week, the NCAA dropped the proverbial hammer on the football program. Twitter especially lit up like a Christmas tree.

5 Free Online Tools You’ve Likely Never Used (but should)- PR Daily

Yup, our own Nathan Burgess had a previously-published story on PRBC picked up by Ragan’s PR Daily. Who doesn’t like FREE tools to take for a test drive?

Chick-fil-A food fight rages on– Washington Post “Under God” blog

The fast food chain is getting filleted by the cities of Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, and the Muppets. It’s all over same-sex marriage.

Christian Bale Visits Aurora, Colo. Shooting Victims– ABC News blog

Out of darkness comes a shining light. So many heroes were found out of this tragedy in Colorado. The man who plays Bruce Wayne/Batman traveled to Aurora on his own volition to lift the spirits of those injured in the shooting prior to a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

That’s the news… and I… am.. outta here!

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