You’re Not Done

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I voted! © by ilovememphis

The national (and local in some cases) elections came and went a few days ago.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. In part because it means they can stop hating their friends on Facebook, and in part because it means, “they had done their duty.”

They’re wrong.

On both counts. While it’s true those lilly-livered liberals are going to be less public about their “Hey now, get out of our womens’ vaginas” and the gun-toting rednecks are still gonna be quieter about their “Hey now, get your hands off my guns” their opinions themselves haven’t changed. If you feel that strongly about whatever rights you’re bucking for, whoever happens to be leading the free world won’t change your friends’ opinion. If your distaste for them is that strong now, will that really change if they’re just quiet about it?

Even more profoundly – your duty isn’t done because you spent anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours at the polls…Every 4 years. How many of you will be voting in the midterms? Or even your own local elections in the off years?

Can you name your city councilperson? (I’m not saying I can, but I know I’m falling short on this count.)

What do you think happens in the four years between elections (or three, if you remove campaign time)? If any of the issues that come to a boil during the elections is a top priority for you the battle’s just beginning. Something as simple as a letter to your legislator once a month (even by email for Pete’s sake) can be effective. Really motivated? Find your local Congressperson and offer to help in some way. If you’re reading this blog odds are you’ve got some kind of communications skills – use them.

Offer your services – are you fantastic on Instagram – ask when their next rally or town hall meeting will be and go. Help their press releases on the SEO front. If you’re strapped for time try to organize other volunteers or offer to teach their young unskilled staffers how to use the tools you could use in the dark.

If you care, your duty isn’t over – it’s just beginning. And if you don’t care, don’t matyrize yourself because you happened to take a few hours out of your day to vote.