[Infographic] The Social Business Offices Building

When we ask PR pros about how do they define social media, a common answer once was “they are communication tools.”

They’re right, but they missing part of the potential of social media solutions.

Social media platforms and networks let u

s develop events and procedures that, correctly implemented, help to optimize ROI for almost all businesses departments. That is what we call Social Business.

These kinds of tasks are based in communication methods, and is why PR is one of the basic axes to bring Social Business to every organization. To help understand the concept and its influence in every department of a company, we have created this infographic that shows the relationship between communication, business areas and also returns. The debate is open: are you already practicing Social Business?

Social Business offices Building

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Carlos Molina is Business Development Manager at the Spanish PR consultancy Best Relations. Bachelor in Journalism, Carlos is also lecturer in Social Media Strategy for different business schools, universities and industry associations.