10 Reasons Why Wearing Google Glass is Going to Hurt

Everyone is inundated with news about Google Glass, the wearable computer the world wanted, but maybe isn’t the iteration the world needed. Let’s be honest – it’s not a fashionable wearable. Even people who need glasses hate glasses, with many opting for laser surgery or contacts. Sure, the ease of just using voice commands with minor touch interactions on the right temple of the frame is groundbreaking, but there’s a very high risk of focusing too much in the upper right-hand corner of your field of vision where Glass is positioned.

Here are 10 reasons why wearing Google Glass just might hurt more than it helps:

1. Glass doors just became your worst enemy

2. Everyone thinks you’re recording them. And everyone hates you for it.

3. Look up at those driving directions? Sure. AT YOUR OWN PERIL.

4. Seriously. Stop looking up!

5. One word. Stairs.

6. You’re going to start getting into lots of fights with inanimate objects

7. That’s NOT a recipe for amazing food blog-worthy food.

8. Every date you go on ends in tears.

9. And then that battery pack full of electricity explodes.

10. And you finally realize Glass just isn’t going to happen.

Rob Checkal is a digital and social media consultant at Hotwire PR, the global PR and communications agency serving technology companies and digitally enabled brands.