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Five Ways Being in PR is Like Running a Group Blog

A brief note before we really get into today’s post – you may have noticed a trend in our posts since Monday – all the posts are lists of metaphors explaining why PR (or social media, metrics, analytics or some other aspect of the biz) is like something else.  The great metaphor post – only we’re doing ’em in series.  If you’d like to offer up your own contribution to the effort, drop me a line.

In the 2+ years I’ve gotten plenty of questions about how we “manage” to get the blog published every day, usually on time, and how things are scheduled, setup, arranged, enforced, etc. etc.  Most of those secrets are in the vault with the KFC original recipe recipe, but it’s occurred to me, not infrequently, putting this show on the road every day is quite a bit like working in PR in general: Continue reading