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Bravo TV #FAIL

Man holding television in fieldMany of you may not know this about me, but I am obsessed with the reality series The Real Housewives of NY/NJ. As in obsessed. I love the series, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure, but it gives me enjoyment in life to judge some of the craziest women ever. The Housewives each have a special place in my heart, or under my foot, becuase I feel that I can bond with any of them – even you Danielle.

I’m sure you have seen me live tweeting during the show, trying to interact with Mr. Andy Cohen – the most awesomest talk show host in the world (eat that Oprah) and even tweeting that I was standing next to Ms. Bensimon at an event. I talk about the show with my friends, at the bar, with my coworkers, and even with my family. Its a love-hate thing, but this post isn’t about my love for these wonderful ladies or my obsession with them or even how awesome Mr. Andy Cohen’s talk show is – even though he won’t answer my e-mails about trying to get into the audience of the BRAVO Club house… Continue reading