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The New King of Late Night Television

The battle of late night television has been going on for years.  Whether it’s David Letterman or Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien or Jimmy Fallon.  Nevertheless, if I do flip on the television to fall asleep, I always turn Cartoon Network for a great Family Guy session. (Don’t judge, if you go to sleep smiling you wake up smiling – try it out)

I am now hooked on one late night television show, and it’s all because of one man – Andy Cohen.  Andy is the host of Watch What Happens LIVE! (WWHL) a live, late night talk show that airs on Bravo at 11 PM EST. WWHL started out once or twice a week, where Andy would have on different Bravo stars from their lineup of programs from Top Chef to the Real Housewives series.

Now WWHL has guests ranging from Questlove of the Roots, the regular Sandra Bernhard, all the way to the Mary J Blige.  What’s most exciting is that the show is now on five nights a week. Continue reading

Bravo TV #FAIL

Man holding television in fieldMany of you may not know this about me, but I am obsessed with the reality series The Real Housewives of NY/NJ. As in obsessed. I love the series, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure, but it gives me enjoyment in life to judge some of the craziest women ever. The Housewives each have a special place in my heart, or under my foot, becuase I feel that I can bond with any of them – even you Danielle.

I’m sure you have seen me live tweeting during the show, trying to interact with Mr. Andy Cohen – the most awesomest talk show host in the world (eat that Oprah) and even tweeting that I was standing next to Ms. Bensimon at an event. I talk about the show with my friends, at the bar, with my coworkers, and even with my family. Its a love-hate thing, but this post isn’t about my love for these wonderful ladies or my obsession with them or even how awesome Mr. Andy Cohen’s talk show is – even though he won’t answer my e-mails about trying to get into the audience of the BRAVO Club house… Continue reading