Bravo TV #FAIL

Man holding television in fieldMany of you may not know this about me, but I am obsessed with the reality series The Real Housewives of NY/NJ. As in obsessed. I love the series, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure, but it gives me enjoyment in life to judge some of the craziest women ever. The Housewives each have a special place in my heart, or under my foot, becuase I feel that I can bond with any of them – even you Danielle.

I’m sure you have seen me live tweeting during the show, trying to interact with Mr. Andy Cohen – the most awesomest talk show host in the world (eat that Oprah) and even tweeting that I was standing next to Ms. Bensimon at an event. I talk about the show with my friends, at the bar, with my coworkers, and even with my family. Its a love-hate thing, but this post isn’t about my love for these wonderful ladies or my obsession with them or even how awesome Mr. Andy Cohen’s talk show is – even though he won’t answer my e-mails about trying to get into the audience of the BRAVO Club house…

This post is about BRAVO and their deceptive, and evil tactics of previewing episodes. Last week after The Real Housewives of NJ aired, as usual, BRAVO showed the scenes for the next episode. Keeping it dramatic they showed the moment that we’ve all been waiting for, a big fight scene with arch nemeses Danielle Staub, Theresa, and that dumb 18-year old girl who is so lucky she has what she has. Hair pulling, screaming, maybe a knife? Maybe a gun? No one knew what was actually said in the preview, but i’ll tell you…we were all looking forward to the next episode to see the craziness unfold!

As Monday at worked wrapped up, I couldnt wait to get home, put on some shorts and jump on the couch to watch the most “explosive episode of the season” air. The episode started  with Caroline and her family, Kim D’s huge lips, and random events slowly unfolding and finally at 10:45 we arrive at the party where this fight was to unfold. The episode starts to get juicy and what happens? It Ends! The episode Ends!!!

Listen I get it BRAVO, you wanted to keep us watching the show, but honestly it’s really deceptive to show “scenes from the next episode” when they don’t even air! Now I have to wait another week to watch it? Deceptive! You might as well just show us what’s happening in the next season so we can just figure out their lives already. Very rude! Networks shouldn’t be allowed to do that ever! And tell Andy Cohen to e-mail me back cause I want to be on his show. K thx.


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