Are you really giving thought to starting a blog?

Writing QuillDue to work commitments, general life obligations and competing for the title of Miss CT, I disappeared from the PRBC blog for an extended period of time. Trust me that this was neither intentional nor planned. I’ve always been committed and punctual with my blog posts for this site . . . but things just got away from me.

After “getting back in the groove” and helping a business-owner friend of mine set up his own blog, the thought popped into my head: “how many people actually give serious thought to this blogging thing and how many just hop right in because it’s the coolest thing since Air Jordan’s?” Seriously, I’m commitment-phobe and I said “yes, I’d like to join these ten PR colleagues in starting and maintaining a blog!?” Who am I?

In all seriousness, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you even contemplate running your own blog or joining a team of bloggers.

1)      Do. I. Have. Time. For. This? <– Most important question. Do you have time to consistently write posts and write them well?

2)      Do I get along with others well? We have said it time and time again: PRBC is like a family. We fight, bicker, argue and more but at the end of the day, we produce this blog. Can you set aside any differences to produce work you can be proud of?

3)      Do I have enough creative ideas flowing? I always thought to myself that there was no excuse for not having a blog post ready to go each week. When we are immersed in the topic of our blog 40-60 hours a week, how could you not find inspiration? Easy, we work in this field 40-60 hours a week. Despite loving the field of PR, at some point, I need to take a break.

4)      Where can I look to for help? If you don’t have a supportive group of fans and/or contributors, your work may go unnoticed. Before starting a blog, back yourself up with some loyal connections who can help you if you need a contributed post and remind those who RT your work how grateful you are.

5)      Am I in this for the long haul? When PRBC was born a little less than a year ago, I had no comprehension of what it would turn into and what amount of work it would take. Starting a blog and then seeing it wither to nothingness in three weeks is pretty depressing. Can you hack providing consistent content, feeding your readership’s needs and keep on truckin’? It’s easier said than done.

Now that I’m back on this horse, I hope to keep the posts coming. What have I left out here? What would you suggest?

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