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How to Take Your Career from Social Specialist to Strategist

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become a strategistLast week I wrote a post on the career ceiling social media specialists, and all specialists for that matter, will eventually hit. Got some interesting comments and insightful conversation, which I’d urge you to check out. The one theme that stood out above all others was that many people have started their careers as specialists and would like to move into the strategist arena. But they aren’t sure the best way to go about it. Continue reading

Future Marketing or PR Pros: 8 Tips To Help You Rock Your Job

advice for future pr and marketing prosThinking about a career in Marketing or PR? You likely have some pre-conceived notions about the position—Mad Men-esque awesometastical clients, wild agency parties or scoring sweet swag from your latest batch of A-list clients.

Consider this your wake-up call. Before you sigh, roll your eyes and wander off to watch more of the Olympics, stay with me. My team and I have huddled and some valuable advice for you—and not the “When we were your age, we walked uphill to school! Both ways! In 10 feet of snow! Barefoot!” variety. Instead, we want to impart some hard-learned wisdom that will (hopefully) help you decide if a career in Marketing or PR is really the career path for you. Sure, imagining your dream job is fun. But sometimes a dose of reality from those who have been there can help you make better decisions as you start your professional journey. And by the way, this advice applies to just about any career … or at least we think it might. Continue reading