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SOLOMOCO is the Future According to Head of Social and Mobile at Google

Mobile marketing will be a mainstream commercial powerhouse. Local search will be a key battlefield. Social media will continue to be part of everything. That’s the future of marketing and PR according to Google’s Head of Social and Mobile Solutions, Tim Reis.

Sure social is already hot and we have been hearing “mobile will be a game changer” for the last few years but Reis recently lifted the covers at the Think Small Achieve Big conference hosted by Vocus and gave a peek of where the next five years will take us and how we can position for success. Continue reading

Is Chivalry Dead in Corporate Communications?

Are the days of “Dear Madam,” and “Sincerely” over? We already know that communicating with a human voice on social media channels leads to a higher retention rate, according to a University of Missouri study. But will this trend trickle down to other facets of corporate communication?

Now I wouldn’t stretch as far to say we will begin seeing LOLs and FMLs in press releases, but we may see more companies including the human element in other areas of their business. Without question, a PR professional’s job is becoming more difficult, as businesses try to incorporate the human element in communication while still maintaining professionalism. This is a difficult tightrope to walk for many PR pros because there are consequences for being “too human.”  Continue reading