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5 Reasons To Work At Applebee’s Before Starting A PR Career

viagra cheap/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Applebees-300×224.png” alt=”why you should work at applebee’s before starting a pr career” width=”300″ height=”224″ />One of the things my wife and I love about living in the city is that we have our regular restaurant hangouts (that AREN’T named Applebees ;). Our favorite? A hole-in-the-wall bowling alley that serves outstanding food and has a pretty strong beer list to boot (Bryant Lake Bowl, for you Minneapolitans). We are frequent visitors for brunch on the weekends–and I’ve been known to host business meetings there frequently during the week.

But besides the food and “ambiance” the place offers, one of the biggest reasons we love it is because of one waitress. I mean, we are actually bummed when we go there and she’s NOT working. She has our coffee before we even sit down. She knows our kids’ orders. She’s fast. She’s prompt. In short: She’s GREAT at her job.

And it’s a hard job. Being a waitress, that is. Ask anyone who’s worked in the service industry. It’s damn hard work. And that’s why I think everyone in the PR business should go work as a waiter/waitress before entering our industry. Continue reading