This Week’s Top 5 Posts

Welcome to the conclusion of Week 1 of  It’s been a great week for us here and on #prbc.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our content, banter, and anything else you may have found of value (music, pictures, literature, fashion tips…whatever it may be).

In case you’re concerned you missed a crucial post this week, I present to you, in alphabetical order (because I like to keep a bit of mystery in all our lives) this week’s Top 5 posts.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone…we’ll be back bright & early Tuesday morning (provided I can rouse the writers).


(As of 9/3/09 11:35p Eastern)

Nota Bene: Also among the most popular pages this week was an entry that wasn’t a blog post — our About the Authors page.  It’s certainly worth a look.