PRBreakfastClub Social Media Expert Challenge

It’s an issue many have talked about, even on this blog. Do you claim to be a social media “expert” (insert word of your choice here, i.e, guru, maven)?  If so, it’s now time to prove it.

Contact us at prcog1+expert [at] and, working together, we’ll set you up with an “identity” and a target goal (number of followers, RTs, web traffic, fans, etc.) and a deadline to see what kind of a dent you can make.

At the end of the run, we’ll post the results on PRBC (win or lose—so be careful). There are no prizes other than bragging rights (and maybe we’ll make you a badge to put on your site).  Entries will be open for 2 weeks.

There’s only one real rule—your “real” persona can’t promote your new identity—so no telling your current following what you’re up to, no RTing or referencing to your new account. It’s all gotta be organic and from scratch. Other rules (i.e., no deleting directs (sent or received), etc., will be put in place to ensure there’s no cheating, etc.).

“Experts” that have accepted the challenge (as of 9/18/09 12:00p (Eastern)): 6

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