A Caroling We Go

Red Christmas ornament hanging from treeWith preparations for our office holiday road trip in full swing, I thought it was time to pick some holiday carols for the car ride ahead.  Being the PR loving girls that we are, I thought some updated classics might be just the trick:

O Holy Carp: A unique medley of client scenarios that make PR pros twitch coupled with lively rhythms and choruses of insipid whining.

Dumb Bells: The jingle of joy has been replaced with the drone of idiocy and overtures of monotony.  A lively blend of music and lyrics offer PR pros a song to enjoy as they sip their favorite holiday cocktail by the fire.

Solicitation Baby: Gotten some editorial phone calls returned by ad reps lately?  Then Solicitation Baby is the tune for you.  With lyrics such as, ‘stop calling me tonight’ and ‘slip a cover story under the tree’ this tune is sure to please even the most jaded PR pro.

Hark, Why Won’t the Placement Angels Sing: In a rut?  Tired of trying to pull a feature story out of a haystack?  This tune is perfect for you.  Listen to PR pros commiserate about their challenges and dreams amidst a world of shrinking editorial coverage and disappearing media outlets.

Rockin’ Around the Clip Book: Building that beloved clipbook?  Stack up the placements and enjoy its beauty.  This unique holiday tune celebrates the joy of a heavy clip book and is rounded out by thuds of ‘impressive’ clip books throughout the industry.

All I Need to Make My Career Is You: Is your dream media placement a figment of your imagination?  Do visions of it dance in your head?  Then crank up the volume.  This lively holiday tune will remind you of the dream you are chasing in your career.

Why Don’t You Hear What I Hear: Are you and your clients having different conversations with one another?  Do you and your colleagues interpret things differently?  Embrace the discrepancies and vent to the melody of this soon-to-be holiday classic.

Frosty the Editor: Been hung up on by an editor lately?  Shunned by a target reporter?  Then frolic with Frosty as this lively tune highlights the media relations pitfalls that dampen our spirits.

I Saw a PR Pro Kissing a Producer: Mommy and Santa Claus may not have been the only ones having a little fun this year!  With good judgment blowing in the Winter winds, sit back and listen to the scandalous escapades that make PR the unpredictable career that it is.

The Little Pitching Boy/Girl: Feeling a little one note this year?  Have a desktop covered with voluminous folders of pitches?  Sing along as PR pros share memories from the most amazing and absurd pitches of 2009.

Twelve Days of Follow-up: Chasing the same news release for days on end?  Beating that one pitch senseless?  Then tune-up and sing along as we count down the occurrences that make each day of follow-up its own unique holiday.

The Most Wonderful Day of the Campaign: Whether it’s the day of securing the top tier placement you dreamed of or the day the client’s contract expires, it is more than worth celebrating.  Grab some fake (or real) snow, toss it in the air and sing along about the glory that is the most wonderful day of the campaign.

Placement Wonderland: Were you a good little PR pro this year?  Drowning in a snowfall of amazing coverage?  Then grab Dancer, kick up your hooves and celebrate the hits that made this year of your career so great.

Pick a tune, wrap up the projects on your desk and have a wonderful holiday season!  I’ll be celebrating to ‘Why Don’t You Hear What I Hear.”

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