Businessman Using BinocularsDo you ever feel like you are the only one that believes in something or honestly doesn’t care at all about something? For example, I feel that the botched Times Square bomber should suffer a public execution, regardless of if it was a failed terrorist attempt. I’m rooting for the guillotine, but a hanging or stoning would be fine in my book as well. When I say things like this people look at me like I’m so weird.  Umm, my words to you…you spend all day in the spot he tried to bomb and then come back to me. Anyway, that’s just an example of what I’m discussing here.

So what’s the big deal with Facebook messing up this week? Everytime Facebook makes one mistake the Internet blows up saying so much nonsense.  Ahhhh Privacy! I’ve been exposed, I have to run for the hills and bitch about it! People, it’s the Internet…as mentioned in previous posts nothing is private.

In case you are unfamiliar, Facebook dropped the ball a few days ago and had to close down “Facebook Chat” for a few hours so that they could clean up the mess. Simply put, people were able to see some chats that were being typed due to a malfunction. Waaaah, let’s cry about it. Big deal! I really enjoyed is when I turned on the news when I woke up. That’s breaking news these days? Everyone needs to calm down. Facebook was just making upgrades and made a boo boo.

As of 7 PM on Thursday night there were over 900 articles on the top of Google News talking about Facebook. Is this really such a big deal that it needs to be written about 900 times by 900 different people and be shown on 900 different web sites? No. Want to know what should be written about? The fact that everyone is so paranoid about privacy these days and just needs to chill out. Come on, the Democrats have control of the White House, which means the government’s hand is pretty much in any privacy you might have. You really think that Facebook privacy should be top of your mind?

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