Friday Five (+5)

Happy Friday!!

Every now and then we like to give the readers a chance to rediscover a post, or discover one they may have missed.  Since we’re busy doing our billing right now (as you probably should be), we’ll give you a summer favorite, the Friday 5.  But since it’s been a few months – it’ll be a Top 5 posts of the last 90 or so days.

As always, in no particular order, except alphabetic, your favorite posts from the last Q(uarter):

Are We Doing it to Ourselves?

Chris Brogan vs. Social Media Explorer

Do you know what people are saying about you?

Ethical vs. Unethical: A Lot Rides on Only 2 Letters

HOW TO: Effectively Pitch Bloggers

In Full Public Disclosure, HP Recognizes Value of Reputation, Good PR

PR Jobs Require More than Good Writing Skills: Ex-journos find life is not so easy on ‘The Dark Side’

PRSA: Unethical Product Reviews Have No Place in PR

The Reality of Being a Publicist

Your Copy Sucks: The Press Release Mad-Lib

Have a great weekend!

(CC) Image Courtesy sam_churchill