How to Pitch a Publicist

I know, you are probably scratching your head right now. Well, the topic of pitching a publicist isn’t as silly as you might think.

Yes, that’s right, publicists get pitched too. Whether it’s for product reviews or hiring a blogger for a myriad of services (writing, conference sponsorship, and consultant opportunities) – it happens.

Bloggers and publicists – it seems we are all just trying to find a way to get along and work together. There is a lot of information out there on how to pitch bloggers, yet there’s not much material on pitching publicists or, what I refer to as “reverse pitching.”

Every day, more and more blogs are popping up and it’s making the blogging arena pretty competitive. Since I work with a lot of bloggers, I’m continually asked from a publicist standpoint on how I like being approached, or what do I look for in working with a blogger. Let me just put it out there that every company, brand and publicist looks for different things.

That being said, here are a few pointers to keep in mind when pitching a publicist. Surprisingly, these may sound familiar.

Be Honest

On occasion a blogger may feel she/he has to exaggerate blog stats. This is not a good idea. Publicists and companies use a number of measuring tools and will quickly discover if you are not being entirely truthful in your statistical roundup. If your blog is new, that’s okay, say so. If your blog has less than flattering stats, why not focus on the other things that you bring to table?

Showcase yourself…the right way

Yes numbers are important, but that’s not the whole enchilada. Influence can come from more than just blog numbers. Focus on your writing, your community reach – anything that might appeal to that specific company or project.  Clearly state the services you can offer. If you are looking to host a Twitter party, lay it all out there. Also, try linking to a few example posts within your e-mail.  I can’t stress this enough, spell correctly. If you can’t use proper spelling in an e-mail, a company will be less inclined to have you review their product or hire you for your services.

Be Patient & follow up

Yes, bloggers get a tremendous amount of e-mail. Want to hear a secret? So do publicists. Don’t be discouraged if it takes awhile for a company or PR person to get back to you. If you don’t receive a response, it’s okay to follow up. If you do hear back, and the answer isn’t quite what you were hoping for, be patient and don’t lose touch.

Develop a Relationship

Ever hear that saying: “It’s all about the relationship?” Well it goes both ways. I’m not a huge fan of receiving e-mails starting with “Dear PR Person,” or wacky version of my name. Make the introduction personal. Also, don’t give up hope. For example, when I speak with bloggers on a regular basis, I keep a file on all the other services that they offer (Twitter party hosting, writing, etc.), so that when the appropriate time and need arises, I have quick access to the info. Also, if one project isn’t right for a specific blogger, who is to say another project won’t be?

As a publicist, is there anything that you look for in working with bloggers?

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