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This is not the first press release we’ve received from this organization. At first we thought it might just be a mistake. Then they kept coming. For no apparent reason.  You tell us, reader, on this glorious (depending on where you work) Friday – how does this fit into our wheelhouse?

For Immediate Release

South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority Recognizes June as Homeownership Month

Providing Affordable Homeownership Opportunities for Forty Years

Columbia, S.C. – June 22, 2011 – The Board of Commissioners of the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority (SC State Housing) endorsed a proclamation in observance of June as Homeownership Month pledging support and commitment to providing affordable homeownership opportunities for the citizens of South Carolina.

Created in 1979, SC State Housing’s Homeownership program provides loan and down payment assistance to South Carolina home buyers. Since the program’s inception, the agency has made over 38,000 loans exceeding $2.3 billion. Additionally, the agency has made more than 13,000 down payment assistance loans totaling over $48.7 million. Currently, the Homeownership program is offering a low interest rate of 4.875% and up to $4,000 in down payment assistance for qualified borrowers.

“In today’s challenging economy, it’s crucial that we continue to create and provide affordable homeownership opportunities for South Carolinians,” said Valarie M. Williams, SC State Housing’s Executive Director. “Homeownership is an integral part of building and growing vital communities and secure neighborhoods, and SC State Housing is committed to making these opportunities available in order to accomplish this.”

Homeownership is an important ingredient in economic development and community revitalization throughout the state. According to estimates from the National Association of Home Builders, “every new single-family home built in America creates three new jobs and generates $90,000 in federal, state and local tax revenue, $145,000 in wage income and $86,000 in net business income.”

Home Builders Association of South Carolina President, Mike Lowman, says, “Homeownership lets families build connections. Homeowners take pride in their homes, which extends to their neighborhoods and communities. A home is a place where families can feel comfortable and safe, begin friendships and create memories that will last a lifetime. Owning a home is among the values that Americans most cherish – an important part of the American Dream.”

As the housing market continues to recover from the economic downturn, Homeownership Month allows the housing industry to reflect on the many benefits of homeownership – and the many great homeownership programs available.

Other SC State Housing programs providing homeownership assistance:

  • Palmetto Heroes is designed to help South Carolina law enforcement officers, teachers, firefighters, nurses, veterans, and EMS personnel who want to become homeowners. Eligible home buyers can get a fixed interest rate of 4.625% on a mortgage through SC State Housing’s First-time Buyer Program as well as down payment assistance of up to $5,000.
  • The South Carolina Homeownership and Employment Lending Program (SC HELP), helps families stay in their homes or otherwise avoid preventable foreclosure. Eligible applicants can get monthly payment assistance or direct loan assistance. For more information, visit

About SC State Housing

For forty years, SC State Housing has created quality affordable housing opportunities for the citizens of South Carolina. The agency’s vision is that all residents have the opportunity to live in safe, decent and affordable housing. The agency administers a number of Federal and State programs directed at low and low-to-moderate income South Carolinians. SC State Housing is self-sustaining and receives no state appropriations. For more information, visit