How Do You Use Facebook Lists?

Going back to an earlier post of mine, at “another” blog 😉 the issue will certainly begin to arise for the recently hired (or anyone really) who may have the pleasure of administering Facebook pages on behalf of clients, or your own firms – “How do I separate work (client), work (colleagues and bosses), and friends on Facebook?”

After all, for the last n number of years Facebook has been your playground and you’d like to keep it that way – at least a little bit. Further, for the “older” folks who have a larger outside-of-work life they’re now dealing with the question of friending clients on Facebook.

And that’s where lists come in – to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to updates, because really – Little Rosemary’s Brownie Troupe leaders don’t necessarily need to be included when you’re seeking social media case studies.  Not that there’d be any harm in that, but the point person at your Fortune 100 client probably doesn’t need to see the vacation pics from you winning the top prize in the Wet T-Shirt contest in Cancun.

And so – the primary question becomes, “What lists do you have on Facebook?”  As a starter set I can easily see creating and using:

  • Workmates,
  • College (HS, Grad School, etc.) Friends,
  • Book (or whatever) Club folks,
  • Those who can see everything I have to say and will still like me (somewhat long of a list name, but wt-heck),
  • Significant Other’s workmates and/or friends,
  • Clients,
  • People I shouldn’t be connected to, but for some reason am,
  • Dragons (just wanted to make sure you’re paying attention).

So, do tell reader – what additional lists do you maintain?