Google+: Let’s not put the cart before the horse

By now, our world has experienced and started actively using the latest in social platforms. Google+ launched to excitement and rightfully so. Google has been looking to enter the social space for some time. But, I think we need to temper this giddiness a bit. Much like Facebook and Twitter before it, time is needed before we can really understand how Google+ will fit into our plans. Should we do our due diligence on it? Absolutely. Any good social media manager or PR professional should be researching and planning to uncover any which way it can be used effectively.

In the last few weeks, though, I’ve seen that it will be a “Facebook killer.” I’ve also read numerous stories telling me that LinkedIn needs to watch out because Google is coming with “Google+ for Business.” The old adage, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” fits here. How can anyone truly know what it will do to Facebook? We had no idea that Facebook would eventually make MySpace irrelevant. Who saw Twitter becoming a success?

We need to remember that really determining how a new product like Google+ will affect our social world will require some time. Case in point is Google Buzz. That started off pretty hot and what happened? It’s widely considered a flop. Quora, while not a failure, still is finding its way.

The bottom line is we need to take the time and see how Google+ will enhance what already is being used. While it may have the look of Facebook, it certainly isn’t. Let’s not hand Google the proverbial social media keys. It’s not fair to you or those you represent.

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  • Totally agree Jason. When a new shiny toy arrives in the tech and social space, it’s easy to forget just how long it’s taken those at the top of the pile to get there- and just how much they continue to grow and adapt. As you say, as communicators we have a responsibility to do our due diligence, but let’s not jump ship just yet. Let’s participate, engage and see how these new tools fit in to our daily social activities, and the opportunities that arise as a result.

    • Thanks Jamie!
      One other thing, I believe in today’s “what have you done for me lately” world, we are so quick to anoint the new kid on the block. We owe it to ourselves to understand how and why Google+ can work for us.