10 Ingredients to Make Your Event Execution Easy

Being in PR means that you plan and execute events to perfection and no detail is forgotten. Each PR pro has their style for planning and how they work to get it all done. There is a recipe for event planning which includes a little creativity, a little OCD, a little leadership and a dash of caffeine. When you put it all together you get some pretty stellar events that PR pros pull of every day.

Behind the scenes of the seamless event that you have produced there is an army of details that get you through. Here are some of the secret ingredients that help PR pros pull off perfection:

  1. Business cards – Keep them in your name badge or your pocket, but you know you’ll need them. – Cynthia Shannon, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  2. Phone numbers – Create a list of all vendors, staff, media and key contacts.- Ann Strout, AllaroundVA
  3. Pockets – An outfit with pockets lets you go purse free! – Norma Rosenthal, Norma Rosenthal Public Relations
  4. Restrooms – Know where they are before the guests arrive. – Ashley Torresala, Propel Communications
  5. Snacks – Remember to stash granola bars and water for you. You never know when you will get to eat. – Cynthia Shannon, Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  6. Avoid Alcohol – Never drink at your events. It slows you down and takes you off your game.- Patricia Ann, The Wedding Studio
  7. Red Bull – It gives you wings! – Traci Allen, Traci Allen Inc.
  8. Pens – I keep a magnetic pen around my neck so I don’t lose it. – Janet Fallon, PR Options
  9. Back-up Outfit – To make sure you always look presentable. – Farrah Parker, FD Parker & Associates
  10. Dark Colors – Wear an outfit with dark colors to help you blend in and disguise any unexpected dirt, sweat or other stains. – Justin Minsker, JHL Company

It is easy to concentration on the event details and not on you when the day of the event finally arrives. But, it is important to stay focused on what you need to keep yourself running at optimal speed. If your shoes hurt and you can hear your stomach over the emcee, that is not a success. Be smart and be on top of your game and your event will be a success!

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