The PR Event Toolkit

PR pros plan for the worst and hope for the best. It is our job. I asked about 50 PR pros what is in your PR Event Toolkit. You know, the go to box that you bring to every event that is stashed with a solution to just about any event crisis except the weather.

With this box you can either save the day or survive on a deserted island. Here is what they said are the necessities to have on hand:

• Advil/ Tylenol

• Altoids

• Band-Aids

• Batteries (double and triple A)

• Bobby pins

• Box cutter

• Bug spray

• Business cards

• Clipboards

• Digital camera

• Double sided tape

• Duct tape

• Extension cord

• Flash drive with press materials and event documents

• Flashlight

• Gloves

• Hair bands

• Hand sanitizer

• Highlighters

• Mirror

• Nail file

• Name tags

• Packing tape

• Paperweights

• Paperclips

• Pens

• Post- Its

• Rubber bands

• Safety pins

• Scissors

• Screw driver

• Sewing kit

• Sharpies ( of various sizes)

• Shout wipes

• Snacks

• Staple gun

• Stapler with extra staples

• Super glue

• Swiss Army knife

• Tape measure

• Tissues

• Travel size perfume

• Velcro

• Water

• Wet wipes

• Ziplocks

• Zip ties

What else do you think should be on the master pack list?

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  • Cherie Messore

    For the digital camera: the charger and a spare card.

  • Jennifer Seelin

    Shipping materials! (e.g., FedEx slips, postage, etc.)

  • A contact list of everyone helping at the event, if there are volunteers, client employees, etc. Also a laptop so you can actually post your photos during the event! 

  • Paper towels are a must, too.

  • Rebecca Hopkins

    For those in the wine biz – wine keys, white napkins, drip stop (pouring discs) & decanters

  • Rebecca Hopkins

    For those in the wine biz – wine keys, white napkins, drip stop (pouring discs) & decanters

  • This list of PR tools is overwhelming but true. PR is a
    field, which preparation is key for success. Even though sometimes, a practitioner
    can believe that he or she is prepared but then the unexpected happens. People
    at the event should be the main focus of how to plan accordingly. I agree with
    Andi Enns that a contact list is would help ensure that it was a smooth day.