The Summer Week That Was June 18- June 22

It is summer and hopefully PR professionals are hitting up the beaches and enjoying some travel. I am sure that the cell phone is not far and the laptop is in tow but hey it’s an effort to relax and unplug.

Social media has changed the way that people are traveling and documenting their summer vacations. No longer are tourists spotted only by the cameras hanging around their necks and the maps in hand. They are now using their iPhone for a camera and documenting their entire trip through live tweeting or Facebook check-ins. Facebook recently released a list of the Most Social Landmarks based on this trend.

Since it is travel season it is no surprise that travel specialties are popping up at this time of the year. Announced this week, two PR agencies have rolled out a travel focused specialty for social media. The menu allows travel industry companies to pick and choose what they need PR expertise in. While this is mostly focused on social media this levels the playing field to give small business a change to equal ground in the conversation. This menu is easily readable and removes the small business fear working with an agency.

If you are looking for some travel marketing advice that is a little more free. Check out this free webinar- What Travel Marketers Must Know, happening on June 26. The webinar will breakdown how today’s consumer is searching for and finding travel opportunities.

Make sure you have Pinterest in your communications mix for reaching tourists, because this virtual pin board is influencing travel. The photos make it easy for a traveler to be intrigued by a designation through pictures. It also can be used as a virtual travel guide allowing a traveler to search for a destination’s foods, activities, architecture and historic sites along with finding the perfect wardrobe to wear there and accessories to match.

Also, on the radar for this summer are the “Socialympics” as social media will be used more in these Olympic Games than ever before. Social media is going to open the door for an Olympic experience like we have never experienced before. Hash tags, pin boards and tagging will allow a customizable Olympic experience.

Pack your bag, pin your destination and recharge your batteries this summer. Some times to get the creative juices flowing you need to walk away for a little while and clear your head. If nothing else your co-workers may want a break from you. Whatever the reason make sure you find the time to do something for yourself this summer!