How Real Estate Agents Can get a Leg Up on Facebook

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IMG_0381 Floorplan © by mikemccaffrey

Just recently passing one billion users, Facebook is the undisputed king of all social media sites. Its closest competitor in 2012, Twitter, only has around 200 million users. What this means for business is that any type of market can become vibrant if presented correctly on Facebook, even real estate.

Although much of the world is still behind the 8 ball on home values and stagnant properties, some real estate professionals are experiencing a lot of success by marketing their properties via Facebook. In fact, if taken as a world on its own (which is essentially what Facebook is), there is no slow market in real estate online.

Agents who are able to successfully market on Facebook are experiencing great success. It’s what’s trending for the future, and any agent would do well to get aboard this ship.

Social Media Real Estate Stats to Focus On 

Here are just a few statistics that make it clear Facebook is the wave of the future.

  • Almost 80% of all real estate professionals have an online presence via Facebook
  • 73% of all homeowners claim to be more likely to list their properties with agents employing social tactics, such as video
  • Real estate apps, like, command more attention – around four times more, with the average person staying on this app for 16 minutes as opposed to 4
  • Over 20,000 homes are looked at every hour with the app
  • Of all the potential buyers to view homes online, 21% drove by at least one home, 29% contacted an agent by way of an Internet search, and a whopping 45% actually walked through a property

Important Tips for Real Estate Agents on Facebook 

1: Keep Your Communication Consistent

Even if you only have a single property up for grabs, it is important to keep the communication consistent and evolving. You cannot allow a property to become stale. Consistently post new pictures and videos of the property. Make sure you’re giving different facts about the home, the neighborhood, the schools, the economy, etc, to get people interested in it.

2: Become a Facebook Marketer

Real estate marketing is not at all different than other types of marketing on Facebook, insomuch that it requires a dedicated approach, intriguing materials, ad spending, lead-generation, and network building. Think of your real estate profile as the business end of your social (personal) profile, because that’s exactly what it is.

3: Focus on Your Brand

As a real estate marketer, selling depends on how you are received. Even a fantastic property won’t sell if you personally have a questionable reputation. So always think of your Facebook profile as your brand representation. Building trust and communication will help you grow a thorough network.

4: Take Social Media Home with You

As a real estate agent, you probably already have your name on a sign somewhere, a few ads in a few papers, and perhaps even some pictures on pieces of mail circulating around. Remember to add your Facebook address to these other forms of marketing. You can draw people to your online presence via live advertising, and the results could be tremendous.

5: Stay on the Lookout for Clients

Everyone on Facebook is a potential client. The reason for this is that the network is set up beautifully for information sharing. For example, if someone interested in your home becomes a fan of your page, that action is displayed across that user’s entire network. So every one person to make an action is letting their average of over 200 friends know about it. So work to get as many clients as you can, as clients beget clients on Facebook.

Marketing on Facebook might not transform a real estate agent into the next Donald Trump, but there is a lot of potential with using this social network. Take things slowly and create a professional online presence. The results will amaze you.

Stanna Johnson is an online writer for Qwaya. She enjoys sharing the latest in social media marketing trends and strategies. If she’s not writing she’s probably busy finishing her studies and being a mom.

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