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Snap Them Out of It

Beach Ball in the AirMomentum, or what some think of as Newton’s First Law of Motion, “Every body remains in a state of rest or uniform motion (constant velocity) unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force,” not only applies to “every body” in motion but also to everybody.

Success begets success – it’s that x factor that helps makes great salesmen phenomenal and bad ones lousy.

It’s also the factor that makes the downer client or co-worker the downer on all occasions.  They start their day off badly and by 10a are dragging everyone else down.

The opposite is also true, so all is not lost.  There’s always (hopefully) one person in an office that can crack a joke at the worst situation and provide the best way out of the mess.  We could all use more of them. Continue reading

Out of Office: Vacation (Finally)

Hi All –

So, for those of you paying really close attention, you already know we’re approaching our 1 year anniversary.  Our first post was published (for the business day of) August 30th.

In that time we’ve had 505 posts (including this one), over 3,200 comments, hits from all of North America (YES, we got Greenland!), a decent set of pageviews as well as some speaking gigs and other great opportunities.


And so it is that we’re going to take our vacation week starting….now :).  We’ll be tweaking some of the behind the scenes stuff, redoing the storefront (if you’re lucky and keep on checking the site you may get a glimpse of some new stuff) and coming back (with a tan) the week of August 30th.

Try to stay out of trouble while we’re on hiatus 🙂

They’re’s a problem with are grammar (Part too)

DictionaryAlright All right folks – let’s try this again.  As a very late followup to part won of this post, presented below are some of you’re own pet peeves when it comes to proper word youse.  And if you haven’t noticed it yet – every underlined word so far is improperly yoused or completely nonexistent.  As a reminder, I’ll repeat the notes presented in the first post – Continue reading

We Know Nothing

Boy Raising Hand in ClassroomWe all like to go after the “Social Media Experts” claiming there’s no way anyone can a) be an expert in such a new field or b) such a quickly changing field.  Beyond the semantics (“expert” vs. “experience” (as much as one can get), “guru,” “knowledgeable in,” “has an instinctive grasp of,” or my favorite undefinable (but likely true in some cases) “just gets”) there’s certainly something to be said for being able to use labels professionally which make us appear to have some higher level of comprehension in our field (and in many cases this is true).

Here’s the kick in the pants — PR pros, and other professionals in the related communications fields, don’t really “know” anything either when it comes to this stuff that a first or second year wouldn’t. Continue reading