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As Availability Decreases, Value Can Only Rise

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(CC) flickr // Mannobhai
(CC) flickr // Mannobhai

Clients want it.  Publicists work for it.  But not everyone can have it.  That’s right.  I said it.  Not every brand can be a cover model.

It’s an ugly reality, but we all need to accept it.  Particularly as print publications, even well-established icons like Gourmet, cease publication.  With less publications to cover the same amount of, if not more, content, the battle for the cover, or even a column, can only become more intense.  So how will this new world work?  Is it possible that the day will come where clients won’t want print hits?  (Even I thought that sounded a little funny as I wrote it.  Can we say ‘pipe dream?’)  But, seriously.  How will it work? Continue reading