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Are you a Twitter Snob?

Businesswoman with briefcase peering down at subordinatesThe most fascinating aspect of Twitter is that you can literally find millions of different people with personalities that span the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. I love it.

One thing that I’m always keen on studying and writing about is narcissism and ego in social media. So I came up with a little quiz to determine whether or not you are a Twitter snob. Please keep score as you go along. Continue reading

A letter from someone named Itsall Aboutme: Narcissism in social media

Twitter CEO Evan Williams Meets With Mayor Newsom At Company's Headquarters

Dear Kate,

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve had a drastic drop in my Twitter follower count (I already checked and there was no Twitter spam cleaning). I just don’t understand why people aren’t loving me and everything I have to say. I tweet about the things I do, what I eat, what kind of decorative head ornament my Chihuahua is wearing each day. I talk about how awesome I am, tweet my new blog posts (every day) and generally radiate hotness. So, Kate, why have I lost so many followers? Continue reading