The Secrets to Success in Social Media

Did I lure you in with my snazzy headline? Yes? Okay great. Now I’m going to spend the first few sentences using buzz words so that you will keep reading my social media post. Then after you’ve gotten through the first couple of paragraphs, I’m going to provide you with these awesome bullet points packed with information that you already knew.  Lastly, I will summarize the topic which pretty much has nothing to do with my headline that I created for SEO purposes.

Does this situation sound familiar? Every day my inbox and RSS feeds pile up with articles about social media. The articles seem to always be about the same topic but recycled, rehashed, rewritten – they are offering me nothing of value. If you are like me, you’ve probably about had it.

Therefore, I’m calling a ban on any blog posts written about the following social media topics:

  • Facebook Fan Pages – Holy crikeys! Look, unless Facebook changes the fan pages once again, there is no need for any more posts about how to manage a fan page, what you should have on the page, things you should be doing on the page, how to engage fans. There is enough fodder out there already. When (because we know it will happen) the pages are changed again, you will now only have two days to write up a blog post about the topic showcasing your brilliant knowledge of Facebook.
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter: This is like a never-ending playground fight; I’m calling recess here folks. Let’s just agree to disagree that we are all going to have different Twitter best practices, okay? I pretty much guarantee that this topic has already been covered 350,000 times so let’s just look at what’s already been written before drafting up another one of these puppies.
  • Bloggers are influential: Seriously, can we study something else? I get it that bloggers is a hot topic (I write about it often) but do we need really any more studies that proves bloggers are influential?
  • How businesses need to be on social media: I could write a post about how my son’s day care refuses to get a web site and what a stupid decision that is, but honestly I can just look up one of a bazillion posts on the topic, print it out and give it to the director. We get it folks! Social media rocks, businesses should be there. Point made.
  • How to market your blog:  Gah! How about instead of spending all of this energy recycling the same ideas over and over again about what bloggers can do to market their own blogs; focus on the blog content. Trust me folks, amazing blog content wins every time.

Now if your fingers are itching to type up a blog post about one of these aforementioned topics, then at least consider the following:

  • Add a unique twist.  No, seriously, you better put a truly different spin on the topic.
  • Use case studies. Case studies rarely get old because us social media folk enjoy reading about what other companies have done and/or are doing in the space.
  • Headline appropriately. If you title a post “How to measure tweets” and just talk about how important Twitter is without ever telling me how to measure it, you will make my inbox very, very angry.
  • Poll your audience. If you are totally stumped on what to write about, ask your audience. They might have a burning question they need answered and therefore you know your post is relevant to their needs.

Okay, it’s your turn. What social media articles are you tired of reading?

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