Yet More Auto-DM Fails…

You won’t believe it.

It’s still out there.  The dreaded auto-dm.  As long as the scourge exists we shall continue to post our “best” finds in our five-year never-ending mission to explore strange new worlds make this a better SM world… (and in case you need ’em – part I and part II).

  • “Thanks for following me! I wish you a lot of pleasure when reading my tweets…” – This one was user submitted, with the comment, “I feel like I need to shower.”  I do believe that covers it.
  • Thank you for following us. Please LIKE us on Facebook too. [link] – Sadly, this one was from a PR agency.  Do I really need to go into why this…sucks?
  • Hi, nice to meet you. What’s your favourite book? – This one’s interesting in that it attempts to be personable…yet is obviously personable to everyone who gets it.  I do enjoy books, but never mention as much in my bio or elsewhere so basically this boils down to a socially awkward auto-dm.
  • Hi,Thanks for following.LIKE our Facebook page,get insights about wisdom of crowds. [link] – LIKE I’ll totally rely on this data presented this way.  I got a bridge to sell, wanna buy?
  • Thanks for following me. If you want to make money on Twitter check this out: [link] – And this was from someone trying to sell SEO services.  Ummm…
  • [Username], Powered by @[CorpUsername] with tweets mostly written by @[RealPersonUsername] – I’m all for full disclosure of corporate accounts, but that kind of info should really be in a bio…not in an auto-dm.  Know what should be in an auto-dm?  (Psst, it’s a trick question).
  • Hi there, thanks for the follow. You can find out more about me at [link] – Not horrible…but they hadn’t tweeted for over a month – if I wanted to know more about you, perhaps use this platform…
  • Thank you for joining this conversation on business communications, careers, universities and aid to the world. [FirstName] – And here I thought I just followed a guy.  Who knew I was doing all that? Go me!
Believe it or not…I’ve still got another two dozen tagged auto-dms flagged in my gmail (yep – I flag em.  I’ve also got a file of bad bios). But I’ll stop for now (holiday spirit and all) and keep them for next time.  Until then, happy Monday!
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