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Review: Real-time Tracking with Keyhole is a real-time hashtag tracker for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s a visual dashboard that tracks keywords, hashtags and URLs. Using you can measure and amplify conversations around your brand and campaigns.

For a reasonable price compared to other tracking services, you can also identify prospective clients and influencers who are talking about (or looking for) your services, products or organization. Continue reading

Why Brands Shouldn’t Alienate Advocates

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Customers are Ignoring You © by ronploof

Imagine this scenario for a moment, you have a Happy Customer who is directly responsible for more than $12,000 of your referral sales. Happy customer drank the Kool-Aid and was so enthused about your product or service that they convinced 10 friends to drink the Kool-Aid too. Happy customer referred your business time and again over a four year span. Continue reading

Bloggers Need PR Outreach Tactics Too

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Pitching Practice © by Brian Clark (

PRBC has talked a lot about blogger outreach from the PR side (see: Pitch Problems
and Need Blogger Outreach? A Case Study in How NOT to Do It.

This post is about bloggers reaching out to PR professionals.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are unscrupulous content producers in content farms looking to get as many clicks on their links as possible. Continue reading