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Why Your PR Agency Gives You Talking Points

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Talking points are a staple of public relations. A bullet-point document that helps clients stay on message during interviews, every PR agency is adept at producing talking points for just about any situation.

In my experience, however, clients sometimes push back when they receive these documents.

There are various reasons for the push back. “I know what I want to say.” “I’ll make my own notes.” “I don’t like talking from bullets.” “This is just make-work designed to bump up billable hours.”

I want to challenge these objections and discuss the usefulness of talking points. They are of great value in many, many situations. Continue reading

Pitch Yourself

Creatas Images Single Image SetAs soon as we decided that #PRBC would be making the move from a hash-tag on Twitter to a daily blog, I knew I wanted my column to be all about starting out in the PR industry, since that’s the point where I’m at in my professional life. Through Flack In Training, I’ve tried my best to help all you amazing readers navigate your way through the job search and the beginning of your exciting careers. Now I (and all the other PRBC’ers of course) want to continue to help, only in a completely different way.

Starting today, we’re launching our brand new “Pitch Yourself” feature. If sending out dozens of resumes and networking your butt off hasn’t helped you land the PR job you’ve been looking for, then maybe your very own post on PR Breakfast Club will. But it won’t be that simple. I mean, we’re not just going to WRITE about you, that would be way too easy. Here’s how it works: Continue reading

Christina’s Coffee Talk: Sasha Muradali

sasha_twitter2c-tnThis week I had the pleasure of chatting with Sasha H. Muradali. She is a lover of all things social media, runs ‘Little Pink Book’ (now on Amazon’s Kindle.) and is always sparking conversation on Twitter. When Sasha isn’t blogging about the next “it” topic you could find her enjoying musical theatre, going to the opera, and enjoying a good book. This Harry Potter fan is also a self-taught Photoshop addict and loves trying to see what new things she can come up with. You may also find her singing to herself, her guilty pleasure, in her car to Miley Cyrus’s new song, “Party in the USA” and relaxing on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy…. But I’ll let you take that up with her. Without further adieu – here is Sasha discussing her blog, personal branding, and its impact on her job search. Continue reading

Flack in Training Vol. 5 – The Interview

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So you’ve sent your resume to all the agencies in your area that are hiring (and hopefully some that aren’t, just in case!) and you’ve landed your first interview. Getting a potential employer to take that step from having your resume to actually calling you and scheduling a time to speak is difficult, but the biggest hurdle of the entire job search process is getting through your interview alive. Ok, so I may be exaggerating slightly, but going on your first PR interview and not knowing what to expect can be pretty terrifying. Since I spent the entire summer going on all sorts of interviews, I’ve picked up on some tips and things that you should know to help you shine, stand out, and hopefully get that coveted first job offer. Continue reading