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PR Job Descriptions: Professional Social Media Experience Now Necessary?

There have been abundant ramblings on how the emergence of social media has changed PR, for better or worse. Whether you are a social media guru or a non-believer, the requirements of the public relations profession has undoubtedly become more “social.” Here is a sample pulled from a PR coordinator job posting in 2005, and an almost analogous job description posting pulled from this year. Continue reading

Calling All PR Pros for PRSSA’s Digital Career Fair

We all hate career fairs. They’re intimidating, uncomfortable and sometimes, just plain awkward. But what if they didn’t have to be?

In this digital age, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to reach our target audiences. What if you could recruit the best and the brightest from the comfort of your very own home? No stuffy suits, no long lines of resumes being thrown in your face. It’s a win-win. PRSSA hopes to help you do just this as part of the #PRSSA “Digital Career Fair” during the monthly chat Wed., March 23 at 9 p.m. ET.  Continue reading

You’re Invited: NYC #HAPPO HOUR

In celebration of more than a year of using social media to leverage our networks and connect those in the PR industry who are seeking new jobs with those seeking new talent, the #HAPPO (Help a PR Pro Out) initiative is moving offline for a special opportunity to build relationships in person. As my #HAPPO co founder Arik Hanson recently wrote, “We’re taking HAPPO to the next level by organizing our first U.S.-wide live and in-person HAPPO Hour chat.”

Whether you are a job seeker, looking to hire, or simply hoping to meet some of your “Twitter friends” in person, I hope that you’ll join us For those in the New York metro area, I’ve been working with the other NY area #HAPPO champions (Tiffany Winbush, Deirdre Breakenridge & PRBC’s very own PRCog) and a team of volunteers to organize a casual event at Connolly’s pub. It will take place from 6-8pm on February 24th.

Here are a few quick tips to help you make the most of the opportunity to integrate social and face-to-face networking: Continue reading

The Five Second First Impression

High angle view of two businessmen shaking handsWith college graduations fast approaching, I’ve found myself fortunate enough to be on the speaking circuit. Visiting a few college classes and clubs to impart (hopefully) some wisdom about working in PR, manage entry level career expectations and, when possible, offer some guidance for the job hunt. Among the endless string of seemingly trivial and questionably relevant content offered, has been the following platitude: You have five seconds to make a first impression. Continue reading

The Evolution of An Unemployed

Everyday People 2It’s interesting to  see how being unemployed has become this evolving subculture I’m currently surrounded by. To see how everyone deals with it, the process, the evolution:

Stage 1: The first two months you are almost refreshed. You are excited, feel motivated. You spend tons of time exploring, walking every street in the city and just thinking. You shop all the shops and see all the sites.

Stage 2: Then you’ve walked every street there is. The funds start to run low. Ramen remakes its way into your life. You stop going out in the day so you don’t spend money. Happy hours, entering contests and dating for free meals becomes your new religion. You start reading up on creative ways to save/spend money and learn to love the term “recessionista”.  You make up fun ways to answer the question, “what do you do?” (Personally, my favorite answer is “I’m on a PR hiatus.”) Continue reading

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Man holding cell phone to head thinkingAs a public relations undergrad graduating in May, I have recently started the job search much like many others. Upon doing so, I learned a great deal about the industry and communicating with other professionals to get your name out there. I have conducted in-depth interviews with professionals that interest me, become President of my university’s Public Relations Student Society of America, participated in Minnesota’s Public Relations Society of America job shadowing event, etc. (the list could goes on and on).

In my opinion, the toughest part of applying for these jobs isn’t doing your research on companies you like and incorporating its views into why you would make a great candidate, and it’s definitely not making solid connections with people who work at your agencies of interest. The toughest part for me (and I’m sure a lot of you applying for jobs will agree) is the waiting! Continue reading

Tackling the Job Search

Open door with businessmenAn acquaintance of mine recently started a new job. I was extremely happy for her, but after speaking with her, she admitted to me that she had been unemployed for months. I was shocked. Not only because she hadn’t told me (which was her right) but because in the time that she was unemployed, I could have recommended her for a few positions that she was qualified for. I don’t claim to be a rainmaker, but once in a while I will get an email that says, “Hey, I need to hire….do you know anyone?” I am more than happy to recommend someone, but it is impossible to do this if you don’t know that they are looking for a job.

This situation leads me to believe that there are probably many others that are in the same situation. So, here are my 10 tips for jobs seekers: Continue reading

Pitch Yourself

Creatas Images Single Image SetAs soon as we decided that #PRBC would be making the move from a hash-tag on Twitter to a daily blog, I knew I wanted my column to be all about starting out in the PR industry, since that’s the point where I’m at in my professional life. Through Flack In Training, I’ve tried my best to help all you amazing readers navigate your way through the job search and the beginning of your exciting careers. Now I (and all the other PRBC’ers of course) want to continue to help, only in a completely different way.

Starting today, we’re launching our brand new “Pitch Yourself” feature. If sending out dozens of resumes and networking your butt off hasn’t helped you land the PR job you’ve been looking for, then maybe your very own post on PR Breakfast Club will. But it won’t be that simple. I mean, we’re not just going to WRITE about you, that would be way too easy. Here’s how it works: Continue reading