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Honesty and Transparency in Public Relations

This week, I had the great opportunity to speak with Ferris State University’s PRSSA chapter. Not only was it a chance to give them an idea of how a public relations pro got his start, it allowed me to give them advice they may not normally get in an academic setting.Some of the points I made during the talk:

  • Want a job when you graduate? Use your PR skills & put a plan together.
  • Research and know the company you’re applying to. Go to their website and study the job requirements.

Back to School: The Perfect Networking Refresher

“I heard you missed us… we’re back!” –Van Halen, “Hot For Teacher”

While you may not have the flair of good ol’ “Diamond” David Lee Roth, this time of year can still be a perfect opportunity to show your networking chops. Ok, so you are shuddering at the thought of going back to school. Don’t. You should really be relishing the chance to grow your relationships: in school and in the community.

See, we are always networking… whether it be at school, out with friends, or online. Think about your last PRSSA meeting, Twitter chat, or Facebook group discussion. Did you talk about how you can help with an event or talk to a respected pro about setting up a lunch discussion? Bingo! You are networking. Continue reading

Calling All PR Pros for PRSSA’s Digital Career Fair

We all hate career fairs. They’re intimidating, uncomfortable and sometimes, just plain awkward. But what if they didn’t have to be?

In this digital age, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to reach our target audiences. What if you could recruit the best and the brightest from the comfort of your very own home? No stuffy suits, no long lines of resumes being thrown in your face. It’s a win-win. PRSSA hopes to help you do just this as part of the #PRSSA “Digital Career Fair” during the monthly chat Wed., March 23 at 9 p.m. ET.  Continue reading

Report From 2010 PRSSA National Conference

Washington D.C. — Home of Obama, district of political ideas and tired faces, consistently ranking as one of the most dangerous cities to live in (for crime or state of mind…?) and the city of choice for this year’s Public Relations Student Society of America’s National Conference!

This year I had the pleasure of attending PRSSANC and needless to say it was quite the experience. Can you imagine how excited I was to step into the Marriott Woodely Park Hotel and see hundreds of public relations nerds like myself, running around introducing themselves? The five days I spent at PRSSANC seem like a blur of career advice, business cards, laughs, expensive food, and potential senator husbands. Now that I am back in Chicago, I can finally let all the knowledge and advice from the experts and my peers sink in. Here are some of the main takeaways and reflections that I received from the conference. Continue reading

A Chat with PRSA’s Arthur Yann, APR – Part 2

USA, California, Los AngelesRecently, we featured part one of our two-part interview with Arthur Yann, APR, vice president of public relations for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). This week, we wrap up the interview with Arthur’s thoughts on why PR has gotten a bit of a bad reputation in recent years, the Society’s Business Case for Public Relations initiative and other topics.

Keith Trivitt: We addressed one of my biggest beefs with the PR business, the bashing the industry often takes from outsiders, in a recent PRBreakfastClub post. You weighed in with some great insight in the comments. Can you give us a bit more color into that? What’s PRSA’s stance on why PR has gotten a bit of a bad reputation in recent years, and how can the organization help professionals overcome this?

Arthur Yann: I can think of several reasons why the industry does not enjoy the reputation it deserves.

It starts with Continue reading

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Man holding cell phone to head thinkingAs a public relations undergrad graduating in May, I have recently started the job search much like many others. Upon doing so, I learned a great deal about the industry and communicating with other professionals to get your name out there. I have conducted in-depth interviews with professionals that interest me, become President of my university’s Public Relations Student Society of America, participated in Minnesota’s Public Relations Society of America job shadowing event, etc. (the list could goes on and on).

In my opinion, the toughest part of applying for these jobs isn’t doing your research on companies you like and incorporating its views into why you would make a great candidate, and it’s definitely not making solid connections with people who work at your agencies of interest. The toughest part for me (and I’m sure a lot of you applying for jobs will agree) is the waiting! Continue reading