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How to Prepare for Your Performance Review: Top 10 Review Mistakes & How to Fix Them

After 20 years in Public Relations leadership roles, I have been involved in more performance reviews than I can count. And while I wish that every meeting was a jubilant, high-five frenzy…some are not. Why?

To be truthful, themes emerge over time. Here are the top 10 review mistakes I’ve seen:

  1. Poor explanation for mediocre outcomes
  2. Defensive posture on mistakes
  3. Lack of self awareness, particularly regarding weaknesses
  4. Modesty prevents appropriate horn tooting Continue reading

The Secret Worries of a PR Firm Boss

Disagreement in OfficeMel Brooks once famously observed that “it’s good to be the king.” It’s probably also pleasant to be Bill Gates or Michael Arrington. I’d even guess that some folks think it’s pretty good to be me.

What is it like to have responsibility for running a PR firm?  You might be able to imagine the upside, but there are struggles too.  Here are some of the pain points — and some of the issues that folks like me think about on a daily basis: Continue reading