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Target, Wal-Mart Get PR Grief…But Did it Matter?

While most of us were enjoying our Thanksgiving turkey, trimmings and (hopefully) football, some were enjoying waiting outside their local Targets and Wal-Marts. Both retail chains opened Thanksgiving night for early Black Friday shopping and s

pecial deals. This didn’t make some folks too happy, including those that had to work at the retailers.

News outlets and people on social media were critical of Wal-Mart and Target for opening early on a day that you normally spend with your family. Workers at Wal-Mart planned protests; Target also had its fair share of grief as well. In the end, it seems the noise was a whole lot of just that… noise. Continue reading

How to Prepare for Your Performance Review: Top 10 Review Mistakes & How to Fix Them

After 20 years in Public Relations leadership roles, I have been involved in more performance reviews than I can count. And while I wish that every meeting was a jubilant, high-five frenzy…some are not. Why?

To be truthful, themes emerge over time. Here are the top 10 review mistakes I’ve seen:

  1. Poor explanation for mediocre outcomes
  2. Defensive posture on mistakes
  3. Lack of self awareness, particularly regarding weaknesses
  4. Modesty prevents appropriate horn tooting Continue reading

The Toxic Coworker

Thinkstock single image collectionWe’ve all been there. The first few days of new jobs are always troublesome, finding out who you want to talk to, who you can click with, who you want to make your new happy hour buddy, etc. Every job has their characters among the employees from the cool kids, the slackers, the hard workers/overachievers, and the toxic coworkers.

What is the Toxic Coworker? The worst coworker of them all. They may be amazing and fun, and even your best friend, but at they end of the day, they are the venom that flows through your skin slowly killing you…day by day, hour by hour. The toxic coworker is the person that just slowly complains and complains about the  job. They tell you all the bad things about work, even if you have no complaints and are happy go lucky about it! Continue reading