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Friday Five (+5)

Happy Friday!! Every now and then we like to give the readers a chance to rediscover a post, or discover one they may have missed.  Since we’re busy doing our billing right now (as you probably should be), we’ll give you a summer favorite, the Friday 5.  But since it’s been a few months –Read the rest of this entry

The Next Big Thing

We don’t buy things just because they’re on sale at a good price. There’s a need, or a sufficient want for the cost and benefit received from an item. We don’t clean our plates when served food merely because the food is there. We are hungry and fulfilling that need for the health and wellnessRead the rest of this entry

You’re doing it wrong….

We’ve all seen the horrible horrible examples of things done wrong in the digital world.  You know the things I’m talking about – bad policies, bad designs, just bad bad bad stuff.  Below, you’ll find my own list of the worst of the worst and those of some other contributors crowdsourced from Twitter.  Do chimeRead the rest of this entry

Podcast with PRBC Editor & Publisher

Good Mornin’ All – Recently I had the chance to sit down (at least I was sitting) with Farrell Kramer over at the Talking Communications Podcast and discuss a variety of communications topics – social media, blogging, PR and how this very blog came about.  It’s a pretty good listen (if I do say soRead the rest of this entry

Are We Doing it to Ourselves?

Our business (or as I usually call it, “the biz”) is now, and may always have been, at a cusp. Our job functions are spreading farther and wider (and depth frequently becoming thinner and thinner, like so much marshmallow fluff on a fluffernutter) that what we’re actually here to do, what we’ve been trained toRead the rest of this entry

Dreaded Auto-DM #Fails

We’ve all gotten them – those dreaded auto direct messages – Those automatically generated messages that you get as soon as you follow a new person on Twitter.  I am guilty of having used them for about a week around 18 months ago, until I realized it was a pretty crappy way to interact andRead the rest of this entry

We’ve been Nominated & Friday’s 5 (+3) • 18 June 2010

For those of you haven’t caught it, PRBC has been nominated in Arik Hanson’s PR Readers’ Choice Awards for Up and Coming Blog. Take a look at the list in that category (and the others) for some great blogs and vote for your favorites.  I’m not saying I’ve got a favorite in the Up andRead the rest of this entry

It’s a fad, it’s all a fad

Twitter is a fad. So are Facebook, MySpace, and all the other social media sites. And so’s the internet (Ha!) Those familiar with my writing know that at this point I’d find a good definition of fad and see if these sites fit the bill. But here’s the thing people — it doesn’t matter.Read the rest of this entry

Friday’s 5 • 11 June 2010

Welcome back to the full work week and summer Fridays – for some of us .  Grab your iced frap and enjoy our Top 5 posts from this week. In case you missed them this week, below you’ll find our top 5 published stories (based on pageview and in alpha-order). Enjoy!Read the rest of this entry

Bizarro Social Media Land

Imagine for a moment Bizarro Social Media land.  If the folks who dreamt up Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. had taken that alluring left turn instead of going straight on with their vision and concocted (or Cogcocted) something entirely different than the fertile playgrounds, erm – rather platforms, we’ve got today. Under these horribly delicious andRead the rest of this entry