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CrackedBerry… RIM’s Fall from Grace

If you mentioned that you had a BlackBerry to a friend or colleague a few years ago, you may have heard some envy. Research in Motion’s (RIM) product was solid and perfect for the on-the-go business person. Lately, though, RIM has seen it’s reputation tarnished. It has left many wondering if the company will everRead the rest of this entry

How Not To Do An Announcement: Google & Motorola

Alongside the announcement of Google’s acquisition of Motorola the companies pulled some additional quotes from other Android partners.  Take a quick look at the quotes below.  Underlines are mine.  You tell me, which ones of these things is just like the others…Read the rest of this entry

The Power of the Smartphone

People made fun of me for weeks, months actually. I was like the kid that never got those sneakers with the lights in them when I was in first grade. I’ve dealt with a lot of laughs and the brunt of jokes, but I finally did it. I said goodbye to the 2005 flip phone,Read the rest of this entry