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“Dear Flack” is Back!

If you are a longtime reader of PR Breakfast Club, you might remember our popular Dear Flack column. After a brief hiatus, we’ve decided to resurrect our advice column so we can answer all of your pressing questions about the public relations and social media world.  From co-worker crises to career changes, we cover itRead the rest of this entry

Dear Flack – Stay Seasoned during a PR Dry Spell

[We received this question on a recent blog post about short job stints] Dear Flack, How does one stay active in the PR/marketing world and keep up their skills when they’re unemployed? This may be a bit off topic, but I was late to the other unemployment posting, so I thought I’d ask here sinceRead the rest of this entry

Dear Flack: How to be a great assistant

For the most part, everybody starts their illustrious PR career at the bottom. Whether it’s mailings, coffee runs, or dreaded clip reports, it’s more than likely that at one time or another you’ll have to participate in the art of assisting and/or interning. Believe it or not, being a great assistant is an art form.Read the rest of this entry

Dear Flack: Battling the PR Funk

As I mentioned before, I have received a lot of job-related questions lately: Should I get a new job? I hate PR, what else can I do? I’m miserable at work, what are my options? And the list goes on. It appears that a group of you are very unhappy. Well, before you start sendingRead the rest of this entry

Dear Flack: Media Lists

Dear Flack, I really, really hate making media lists. I feel like I do not know what I’m doing and I’m about to lose my mind. Do you have tips for creating the best media lists possible? ListomaniaRead the rest of this entry

Dear Flack….Leadership Skills

Dear Flack – I’m currently at a very small agency with no departments or divisions. The boss handles all new business pitches and project management and has for years (decades). It works for her so I don’t really blame her. Even when something is “delegated” it’s still micromanaged. The problem is that with the numberRead the rest of this entry

Dear Flack: The Little Flack Dress

Dear Flack, Why do publicists always wear black clothing? Sincerely, PR Fashion PoliceRead the rest of this entry

Dear Flack (Volume 1)

Dear Flack, I am just starting out in PR and need a few tips for phone pitching. Can you help out? From, Phone Home Dear Phone Home, There are a lot of differing opinions on telephone pitching these days. Some PR pros are for it, and some treat the device like a disgusting carton ofRead the rest of this entry