The Future of Sales…Twitter

Salesman Making PitchIt’s very interesting to see the evolution of social media. From just networking with friends and looking at fun pictures, to conducting business and measuring interaction, social media has become the means of communication. The response time of a complaint or compliment on when someone is mentioned is astonishing. One time I mentioned, “Everytime Kate Perry E-mails me, I get excited for a split second thinking it was the singer, then it’s Vocus” and instantly Vocus responds “We’ll be sure to mention that to Kate!”

Its a great feeling having your voice heard, just recently I tweeted something negative about Cision, our best friend and worst enemy. I tweeted that Cision was going way too slowly and i’m sure I did a big “You Suck,” but I instantly got a response asking to do something to my brower to speed it up. Great customer service there. However, that is not the point of this post.

A few days later, I started getting followed by some people in the PR industry, and naturally, I follow them back. Little did I know that they had stalked me and found my “You Suck” to Cision. Then they tried to get me to try out their services which they claimed to be better and faster. I was caught off guard at first, but it’s totally interesting how they scoped me out to try and sell their service.

I honestly think it’s a hit or miss tactic. Some people might get annoyed by the idea of it, while others might be open to trying the new service. I, however, don’t pay the bill so the option definitely wasn’t up to me. They asked what agency I worked for, and I just didn’t respond. So much easier to ignore a DM than to hang up on someone…

It definitely makes you wonder what new things you are going to be attracting. If I tweet about Burger King, will I get McDonald’s coupons e-mailed to me? What about clothing? Tweet about Banana Republic, get some sweet GAP offers? Come on people, get on the boat for these tactics!!

<3 CT

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