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Top 10 Failed Social Media Sites

Our friends over at have created an infographic on the top 10 failed social media sites (below the fold).

Agree/Disagree with their ranking?  Why? Let us know in the comments.Read the rest of this entry

4 Steps to Guest Blogging Success

You’re likely no stranger to writing content for your blog. As you adapt to a writing schedule that works for you, take your content creation strategy one step further by submitting guest posts to other blogs. After all, when it comes to the Internet, the wider your digital footprint, the better. And regularly contributing contentRead the rest of this entry

As 2013 Arrives, PR Professionals Should Refresh Ideas to Retain Clients

As a new year begins, many PR consultants will be updating their clients’ strategies for the next twelve months, and it is therefore important that they use this time to refresh ideas. With increased competiveness due to the challenging economic climate, agencies would be remiss not to develop creative strategies in order to ensure clientRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Could Google+ Overtake Facebook By 2016

The running joke in social media circles is that Google+ is a wasteland. No one goes there or pays attention to anything posted there. Facebook and Twitter remain royalty with all other networks orbiting them. The more this myth is believed by communications pros, the more we do a disservice to ourselves and to ourRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry

Interview with Mark Schaefer, Part II

If you’ve yet to see Part 1 of this fantastic interview with Social Media and overall Marketing smartie Mark Schaefer, head on over to the B2B Bliss Blog and take a read and a gander at the video interview with Elizabeth Sosnow.  Also, subscribing wouldn’t be worst idea in the world either. Or, if you’dRead the rest of this entryRead the rest of this entry