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As 2013 Arrives, PR Professionals Should Refresh Ideas to Retain Clients

As a new year begins, many PR consultants will be updating their clients’ strategies for the next twelve months, and it is therefore important that they use this time to refresh ideas. With increased competiveness due to the challenging economic climate, agencies would be remiss not to develop creative strategies in order to ensure client retention. Continue reading

Tips for Ten Minute Interviews

Clock works' gear wheels, close up, studio shotTen minutes.  That’s all you have to influence your audience.  How do you make sure your messages are communicated efficiently?

One of the most valuable things I learned from my previous job was how to own a five and,  if Iwas lucky, ten minute interview.  I worked as a publicist for a book publicity firm and scheduled  Radio Tours.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, imagine having twenty back-to-back interviews with radio hosts all over the country for approximately six hours….starting at 7:00 a.m. EST.  Sounds exhausting and intimidating right?   Continue reading

Channeling the Overwhelming Side of Public Relations

Businessman with face pressed against wall, profile, close-upIt’s been about a month now since I joined Sternberg Strategic Communications and began, in earnest, working toward the career-long goal I have set for myself to “build something great. And in that month’s time, the biggest concept that has stuck out to me is one maybe I should have learned early in my public relations career: this really isn’t about me anymore; it’s about our company and it’s about building our clients’ business.

Throughout every contact I have with clients—whether that be a new business meeting, contract negotiations, day-to-day discussions about project work, etc.—it’s my thoughts, insight and expertise that has a lot to do with the success of a campaign, but ultimately, the only goal I have for myself is to build our client’s business. To “build something great,” and that’s really not about me, or my wants, desires, day-to-day stresses or anxieties. It’s about servicing wants, desires, day-to-day stresses and anxieties of our clients, and providing a value to them far greater than what I hope to receive out of the partnership. Continue reading

Managing Agency Expectations

Businessman at desk shaking persons handThroughout your career as a PR professional at an agency, you will always have clients that you love and clients that you hate.  Ones that have a product or service that you feel really passionate about and love promoting, and some that make you scratch your head and say “How are they still in business?”  Regardless of how you feel towards your clients, your job is first and foremost to help them. It’s important to put aside any personal feelings and do the best you can- it will only help you in the long run through the experience you’ll gain and the reputation you’ll gain at your agency.

That being said, doesn’t a company who is looking to actually become a “client” have a certain responsibility as well? Continue reading

Not Mine. Not Yours. Ours.

Couple shaking hands with businessmanIt’s no secret that clients hire us for our contacts.  That our relationships are often the bait that gets them to sign on the dotted line.  But at the end of the contract, the course the agency’s relationship with the media has taken while representing said client has lasting benefits or consequences for both parties. Continue reading

Are Clients Ready for PR 2.0?

Man Leading DiscussionI first wrote this post in August, just before we started PRBC, thinking it would be a nice way to give others a glimpse into my thoughts, particularly since I consider myself a pragmatic practitioner and evangelist for the benefits of social media PR. Enjoy!

A while back, my good friend Lauren Fernandez wrote a great post where she asked the proverbial question: “What does PR mean to you?” Lauren and BethHarte began discussing the true role of PR as we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, and where we all actually stand with clients, or if you’re on the corporate side, with your organization. But it was this question from Lauren that really grabbed my attention: “Do you think clients are ready for PR 2.0?” Continue reading