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Special Post-Hurricane Edition: PR Helping PR

As PR professionals, few things are as frustrating as trying to stay connected with clients and media when you’re lacking the basic tools of a working phone line and internet connection (and a supply of hot coffee). Following Hurricane Sandy, many on the east coast are finding themselves in this boat. In the spirit ofRead the rest of this entry

PRBC Special – Book Excerpt, Freebies and Discounts

We’re very excited to present to you today a combination of fantastically informative features and the opportunity for you NYC-area folks to get the chance to win free tickets to see marketing superstars Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston at their G2 Marketing in the Round training, on June 20th, 2012 from 4:00p to 7:30p, whichRead the rest of this entry

New Realities Emerging in Crisis Communications

Boy, was last week a tough one for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. With his city stung by a 20-inch blizzard, its sixth-worst on record, and massive delays in cleaning up the mess, “Mayor Mike” managed to put his foot in his mouth for what will likely not be the last time in hisRead the rest of this entry

Celebrate Surviving Another Year

Hey NYC-area folks — we’re doing it again!  Come celebrate with us and the rest of your media / communications brethren on surviving another year on the front lines.  This time we’re getting together at Jack Dempsey’s in midtown on December 29th after work.  Please RSVP at the Socializr.com page for yourself and any othersRead the rest of this entry